Your Weight Loss Program Over The Holidays

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The holiday season is with us once again, and there are a whole lot of changes that come with it Aside from the unlucky few that will have to work all through the holiday, most of us will be taking the opportunity to kick back and rel. a little bit with friends and family after a long and busy year.

At Nutrisystem, we’re all about looking out for our beloved clients, you being among them. We should all remember that a large component of any weight loss program relies on consistency to be effective. This holiday season, you should definitely take the opportunity to ease up on a couple of things, bu don’t make your Nutrisystem program one of them.


Holiday Traps

As we approach the new year, we have to be extra careful when it comes to our weight, and a big part of this vigilance involves keeping an out for and avoiding certain pound-adding behaviors and mental self-trickery. Look at these examples, for instance, and see if can catch yourself in time to avoid falling into these traps next time.

  • Your dessert toppings are about as big as the dessert itself.
  • Your meals have little-to-no greens and veggies anywhere.
  • Star bucks and the soda aisle of your local store have become your go-to thirst quenchers, rather than the glasses of water you had promised yourself.
  • The little trip from the sofa to the refrigerator is what constitutes your workout routine for the day.
  • The staff at your favorite fast food place knows you by your first name and just how you like your orders


No Vacations

Don’t allow yourself to make the mistake of taking a vacation from your Nutrisystem program. It’s a whole lot easier to pile on the pounds than it is to get rid of them. The holidays only swing by once a year, while you will have to live in your body all year round.