Tips to help keep you on track on your weight loss journey

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With the advent of social media, it’s easy to get discouraged as you watch other people post their weight loss images and progress stories, Coupled with weight loss myths, losing weight can seem like a milestone. However, the following evidence based tips could just be what’s missing for you to see more movement on the scale:

1.Track what and why you eat

Keeping track of what you eat in a day and why you eat it will help you build accountability for your eating habits. Keeping a food journal or downloading an app that helps you keep track of your diet are some of the ways you could monitor your eating behavior. This will help you remain aware of the kind of situations that are likely to cause you to overeat hence helping you make better food related decisions.

Food diary

Food diary

2.Stay away from liquid calories

Juices and caloric soft drinks are loaded with lots of empty calories. This means that although there drinks have so many calories, they won’t leave you feeling full. So if you ever feel like suppressing your hunger with a bottle of soda,don’t do it because you’ll just end up needing more solid food to satisfy your hunger. That’s calories on top of calories. Instead, have a glass of water or unsweetened tea which contains far less calories.

Stay away from soft drink

3.Stay motivated

Weight loss journey can have its down moments which is why you’ll need an extra push to keep you from losing sight of your goal. Stock up on books, documentaries and podcasts that will push you to make healthier food choices. For example reading a book about the science of food and dangers of processed foods can help to influence your eating habits for the better.

4.Get a gym membership

A gym is a great support system for anyone who’s trying to loss weight. Being around people who are working towards the same goal as you will encourage you to not lose sight of your goal. You can also change up your exercises so it doesn’t get monotonous and boring.

Get gym membership

Get gym membership

5.Track the portions you eat

Being aware of the portions you eat in a day can help prevent you from overeating. Getting smaller plates is one way to go about it. Unlike bigger plates which might make you serve up more than you actually need, small plates will help make sure you don’t serve more food than is necessary.

6.Opt for decaffeinated coffee

Good news for the coffee lovers!, You don’t have to do away with coffee completely. Just make sure to switch up your regular coffee with a decaffeinated one. Apart from being a great source of antioxidants, decaff coffee has way less calories so you don’t have to take a jog to work it off afterwards.

Whether you want to shed 30 or 200 pounds, With the right information and will power, these set of tips should make it a lot easier.