Three Simple Weight Loss Hacks

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It is hard to believe that you can lose weight without breaking a sweat. The news is, has you can! Adding simple hacks to your daily regimen will enable you to lose a substantial amount of weight. These hacks will have you feeling better both health wise and financially. Just applying these hacks, will see you shed at least a pound or rather 3500 calories.

1. A mile solution

From your house, make a circle of a one-mile radius. Then, for every time you plan to leave your house and say to run some errands, ditch the car and walk along the radius. You can also take your bicycle and cycle instead. At a slow pace, you will be able to burn 85 calories along that mile and 62 calories if you cycle. If you do this for 14 weeks, you will lose at least 4 pounds and 3 pounds by walking or cycling respectively. Your car will get its desired break, you will save the money you could have used for gas and you will also help reduce air pollution. Way to go!


A mile solution



2. Switch soda with water or Seltzer

A can of soda contains 143 calories. Drinking just two cans of non-diet soda in a day will see you add 1500 calories in a week. Replace the soda with just water or Seltzer and you will lose an amazing 6 pounds instead. Note that if the vending machine at work is not being fed from your pocket, than the saved bucks can reach to up to $200. Taking water instead will have your skin thanking you for properly hydrating it.


Cold drinking water



3. Stand at work

You burn more calories standing at work than you do sitting. put the exact number of calories burnt at 226 more for standing compared to sitting. Within a period of 14 weeks on time spent at work, you will have lost at least 4 pounds.


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