Several green vegetables

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Leafy greens are the green vegetable that most people include in their daily diet. It is essential for you to include them inside your meals. Pregnant mothers, children and any other person should have green vegetables on their diet.

This article discusses different types of these leafy greens and the health benefits of having then in your diet.

There are several green vegetables on earth, most of them are found in the local markets and even in major markets. Some of them include kales, vegges and spinach. You need to have a green vegetables in your diet on a daily basis because they have many benefits on your body. The following are the benefits of having a green vegetables on your menu.

They are a good source of iron

Most people who suffer from hair loss have no excuse but to eat plenty of vegetables. Hair loss mostly happens to people due to low iron content in their body. You should feed on vegetables like spinach and kales to add extra iron in your body since they contain high levels of iron content. Green vegetables also work as a guide of hemoglobin level. They increase hemoglobin level in the body since low hemoglobin level results to a decrease of iron in the body.

Good for pregnant women

Green vegetables are essential during pregnancy period. Both the baby and the expectant mother’s life need to be given extra care during this time These vegetables have all the nutrients and minerals essential for delivery of a healthy baby. It will also put you away from risks of getting health disorders like cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Help enhance eyesight.

Green vegetables contain high levels of vitamin A which is essential for good eyesight. Most children at a young age have possibilities of developing eye problems. You should, therefore, give them a lot of foods rich in vitamin A. You should also consider the children’s favorite taste when choosing the foods. Focus more on veggies because they have a high percentage of vitamin A.

Provides magnesium

The dark green vegetables are scientifically proven to have high content of magnesium. The magnesium found in the vegetables prevent the occurrence of diseases like anxiety, heart diseases, asthma, and even muscle cramps. You need to take more vegetables rich in magnesium. Therefore, you need to include the leafy green vegetables in your diet to protect you from the diseases that come due to lack of magnesium in the body.

Strong Bones

Green vegetables are a good source of vitamin K which is important to the body especially on women. This will help them overcome osteoporosis. For men, vitamin K will help them develop strong bones and teeth. It is very important to include vegetables in your daily diet if you want to strengthen your bones.

Green vegetables are indeed important for people who need to stay away from several conditions that come as a result of lack of vitamin A and K, and other nutrients like magnesium an iron.