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We all need something to sing along to when we are at the gym or taking a jog. It helps us concentrate and ignore all that is happening around us. Naturally, we all have different tastes in music. Some like the rock rough type, while some enjoy the slow love songs from the 90s. There are different genres to consider. Among them are;

  • Soul
  • RnB
  • Hip-hop


This type of music is known to calm the mind. Voices such as Whitney Houston rocked the 20th century enough. Songs such as &DI wanna dance with somebody’ during the 6 am morning jog help us run even further. Imagine the morning breeze in your face and the site of the beautiful sunrise while enjoying the song. Perfect!


Neyo was my ultimate favorite during his time His dance moves and perfect vocals wooed any crowd. Hits such as 517Miss Independent’ took the world by storm. The whole album was amazing. His main theme is love and he does it so well that it automatically puts a smile on your face. Chris Brown is another showman in this field, anyone who knows anything about RnB has a lot of his songs on their playlist.


This genre is mostly for the hip youngsters. The songs are usually accompanied with very catchy beats and fast rappers. Migos came into the scene with their hit album SCIculture’ and gained a very huge following. As you lift weights in the gym, this is the perfect accompaniment. The rapping is usually the best part for hip-hop faithful. I promise Migos will not disappoint.