Picture Yourself Achieving

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Picture Yourself Achieving Those Weight-loss Goals

What comes to mind when you spend some time to think about yourself? Is it the image of your fat self before beginning your weight-loss regime or that of your lean, fit self after realizing the weight loss objectives you set? According to research, picturing yourself achieving any given task can prove to be a critical tool when it comes to reaching your objectives.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, located in Ohio, conducted a study which brought to light how individuals who pictured themselves in the gym enhanced their strength by 135%. Meanwhile, those who actually made a trip to the gym exhibited a 30% gain in strength. The group of people who visualized also tended to maintain their strength gains for just three months. According to the study, picturing yourself in the gym is a great complement to actually going to exercise in the gym. You realize better results by doing the two concurrently. This is because as you prepare your brain for the gym, your body gets set to hit the treadmill.

So how does this apply to people trying to lose weight? Well, try sitting up straight in a chair, than close your eyes and think about your weight-loss objectives. You can try losing 50 pounds in 5 months; now visualize yourself at that weight and try to engage your body senses to that set weight. How does the environment around you feel like? What are the sights and sounds? Do you hear that therapeutic sound of soft music playing or the splashing sound of water as you take a plunge into the pool? Can you feel the fresh smell of roses in your nose? Try repeating this cycle at least five times a week and see what happens. Be sure to push aside any feelings of doubt that may creep in as you picture your milestones.

Realizing your weight-loss goals through the power of visualizing what you want to achieve.