Perfect healthy fridge

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How to make the perfect healthy fridge in your kitchen

Have you ever come across a friend of yours who possesses the best diet- friendly fridge you can imagine ? If the answer is no, then I am here to tell you how a refrigerator like this really looks like. We paid a visit to our friend one day and she asked us to open her fridge and get something out. When we opened the door, we were surprised at what we saw. We told her that she had the most diet-friendly fridge and she answered that this has helped her eat healthily and avoid foods that could make her get away from her goal weight. This friend of ours had lost 30 pounds some years ago and has stuck to her goal with this fridge plan. Here are the things we noticed about her fridge.

The first thing we noticed was that her fridge was full of fruits and vegetables. Mostly cut in smaller portions or snack sizes, these healthy foods were kept in see-through bags or plastic containers. This makes the process of eating plenty of these daily much easier since they were all at eye-level. We all have in mind the great benefits that come along the consumption of both fruits and vegetables, as well as their ability to keep us feeling full during the day.

Below the fruits and vegetables, her fridge consisted of pure protein food, like poultry, fish and beef. Apart from these, the fridge also, contained plenty of yogurt products, particularly non-fat Greek ones, that go well with fruits.

All the healthy flavors were placed at the door of the fridge. Condiments including mustard, olives, vinegar, as well as sauce and sour pickles were all displayed in that area of the fridge. All of these ingredients can really add some flavor and taste to your food, without adding calories to it They can also, make you eat slower crisper drawers were the place were all the food, including Chinese leftovers and some pizza, which were not so healthy, were kept. By doing that, these foods were not in such an obvious place, therefore she couldn’t see them right away. The only treats she kept in the freezer were some ice-cream bars with low calories, for those times that she wanted to taste something like that, like everybody else.