Inspiring Stories From Inspiring People

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Nutrisytems likes to take it easy and ease up on the gas on Saturdays. Don’t worry, we get it. You have your things to do, and we have our things to do. But that does not stop us from living up to our name and keeping in touch with you on the daily, and we love doing it, too! We were reminded of much we love staying in touch with you while working on the announcement for the finalist of NutriStar. We all know what it is. Nutristar is the place for people who have lost weight on a Nutrisystem plan (people just like you!) to send us their stories fore shot at winning a share of $40,000 and the chance of appearing in one of our commercials.

We’ve. said it time and time again, but we can’t say it enough. You guys rock. On Monday, the 10 finalists are going to be announced, and their stories will simply blow your mind. These people have shared their personal stories and experiences with Nutrisystem. These are stories of people who have lost up 135 pounds on a Nutrisystem plan, but even more importantly, these are stories of people who have reclaimed their lives and rediscovered their confidence.

The numbers on the scale aren’t the only thing that matters. More often than not, what truly matters are the lessons kept in the head, and the experiences that live in the heart. Make sure to check with us again on Monday. We promise that you’ll be happy you did. Expect to lose 5 pounds in your first week before averaging 1-2 pounds per week on the program.