How to win your motivation back

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Do you feel like you have lost the power of motivation? Maybe it has to do with the fact that you reached a plateau in your weight loss schedule or that you simply spent a weekend celebrating the season’s festivities and finding it difficult to return to your weight loss program afterwards. Whichever the reason, you should not panic. Here are 3 major motivation pieces you should think about when you are ready to give up everything.


Take up a challenge

Lifting weights is undoubtedly part of every successful exercising program. This type of exercice can really help you lose weight, build muscle, sculpture your body and help you fight osteoporosis. Are you ready to combine weight lifting with a funny challenge? If the answer is yes, than you could think about the following scenario when you exercise next time Use dumb bells or even plates that correspond to the amount of weight you have alreay lost. What is better than thinking that the 12-pound dumb bell you are lifting over your head is actually the same as the amount of pounds you have already get ridden of?

Talk with someone

Many studies have proven that talking with someone on the phone, preferably an expert in weight loss about your progress can have the same motivational results as talking to him face-to-face. A recent study performed by the University of Kansas confirms that statement, as well That being said, you should not be afraid to call a nutrisystem counselor to help you bring your moto back if you feel disappointed or even a bit wilted.

Wear your old clothes

Wearing the clothes you used to have before losing those valuable pounds can be a strong motivation for you to start working out again. Imagine looking yourself into the mirror and seeing how that favorite pair of jeans you wore your whole life does not fit you now Not because you took some weight but because you lost several pounds! You will definitely want to get back on track immediately.