How To Properly Ride Your Bike

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4 Ways to Properly Ride your Bike

If you are want to stay in shape and have fun at the same time, biking is the ideal option. Thanks to the multiple bike lanes and over fifty bike shares in the cities across the nation, it has made it simpler to use the road. But even short rides may cause pains and aches in the back, neck or under the belt. Therefore, the following tips will help you have a safe and smooth ride.


Size up

Ride a well-sized bicycle. If you have a bike frame which is either too big or too small for your proportion, sitting properly will be challenging. Bike frames get measured according to the height of your pubic bone, that takes after your inseam. Use the tape measure to get the measurement from protrusion between the legs to the heel bottom along the inner part of the leg.


Be used to braking

Braking is an important skill which will give you confidence as you ride. Walk beside your bike and push it along the street as you pull the brakes for practice. Ensure you apply gentle pressure on the two brakes.

Hone balance and vision

Anything involving balance is beneficial and could be used as your point of reference. For instance, in case you have used a scooter at some point with your feet on its platform, then you can balance on the two wheels. Look at the direction you are riding to, rather than focusing on obstacles to evade. Keep the eyes up and always look forward rather than down.


Begin to pedal

Commence with your right foot on the ground and the other foot on the pedal in a two o’clock placement to offer you momentum as you push off. Then push the pedal down and add the foot to move ahead.