How To Celebrate Responsibly This Holiday

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Celebrate This Festive Season

“A barbecue weekend?” Nor why not? It is the holidays. Yes, I know you may have weight loss goals put in place, and you may feel going against your goals is a big mistake, but you are wrong. It’s not wrong to let loose a little bit and simply enjoy life. So, enjoy some barbecue this festive season while following these tactics to keep yourself in tip-top shape.

Showing up hungry doesn’t help

Statistics reveal that you will probably consume more calories if you go to a party on an empty belly because you will not notice when you are full and will most likely overeat hence losing track of your diet plan. So, make sure you eat something before going to a party to avoid overeating and ending up leaving the party early because of a stomach ache.

Carry something healthy you like

It may be fruit such as an orange or your favourite healthy dish like some grilled herbed salmon or whatever it is. No problem, pack it up, so long as it is a healthy meal you enjoy. When serving time clocks in, put a portion of your packed grilled herbed salmon and orange on your plate and ensure you leave some space on the plate for other healthy dishes you might like to add to your diet.

Listen to your cravings

So, you are at a party, and you just can’t get that Pizza craving from your mind, you know what, eat it because if you ignore it, you will end up eating a variety of foods some of which are unhealthy and still not get the desired satisfaction. In the end, it would have been better if you had enjoyed a small portion of your cravings and be satisfied. Studies show people are more likely to feel full and content if they focus on the flavour and what they love most about what they are eating.