Drink Water To Slim Down

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You may have heard that you can drink your way to good health by drinking plenty of water daily; however are you aware that drinking more water can help you get rid of excess body fat? Here are 8 ways to lose weight with water.

1. Drink Water before Meals

A recent scientific investigation showed that people who drink water prior to a meal eat approximately 80 calories less compared to people who do not. The investigators stated that water helps to fill up the stomach without introducing calories, thus causing you to eat less.

2. Drink Refrigerated Water

Aside from helping to fight hunger pangs and prevent dehydration, drinking refrigerated or cold water can help boost the body’s rate of metabolism. This is because the body will use extra energy (calories) to warm the water to body temperature. Drinking one glass of refrigerated water can help you burn approximately 15 calories, which means you can burn up to 100 calories in a day. If you do not enjoy drinking lots of cold water, a good alternative will be room temperature water.

3. Drink Water When You feel Hungry

Sometimes thirst is masked as hunger Your brain may be telling you that you are hungry, when in reality you are only a little dehydrated. Thus, when next you feel ravishing hungry at about mid day, drink two or three glasses of water and the hunger pangs will most likely disappear after a while. By skipping that afternoon snack, you eliminate some calories from that day’s diet.

4. Drink Water and reduce the Amount of Salt you Consume

One simple and fast way to lose water weight is by decreasing the amount of table salt in your meals. This works best when you also increase the amount of water you consume each day. Instead of using salt to flavor your meals, you can try out other spices. Garlic and other fresh herbs are not harmful to the body, and they can be used to spice up the flavor of a variety of meals.

5. Drink Water Instead of Drinks like Carbonated soft drinks, coffee, fruit juice and Alcohol

It is a good idea to drink only plain water and eliminate all other kinds of beverages from your everyday diet. One can of root beer contains over 150 calories, while one can of cola drink contains more than 120 calories. If you typically drink a few cans of soda daily, you can get rid of over 250 calories daily merely by opting for water instead. A glass of wine has about 185 calories and a glass of juice has no less than 120 calories. What this means is that if you avoid drinking a glass of juice every morning for 2 weeks, you will avoid consuming 1,680 calories.

6. Spread out your Water Consumption Throughout the Day

Your intake of water should be spread out evenly throughout the day. Consuming too much water at one time is not healthy. Dieticians and healthcare professionals recommend that you drink no less than 8 glasses of water spread all through the day.

7. Drink Water Even When You are Not Thirsty

Do not wait until you get thirsty to start drinking water. When you feel thirsty, it means your body is already dehydrated. It is best to drink water before your body gets dehydrated, as dehydration can cause dizziness and several other health conditions. Also, be sure to drink water after visiting the toilet and after engaging in a physical activity.

8. Drink Hot Water

You can also get rid of excess body fat by drinking hot water. Hot water raises body temperature, thereby increasing the body’s metabolic rate. The body tends to burn additional calories with increased metabolic rate. Dieticians recommend drinking hot water in the morning, typically with lemon added. Consuming a glass of warm lemon water each morning will help your body break down adipose tissue as well as control cravings for food. This is because lemon contains pectin which helps to keep off hunger pangs.


If water has not been a part of your weight loss plan, now is the time to add it. Your body will certainly thank you for it. However, always remember that drinking too much water can be dangerous as well. Over hydration can result in water intoxication, also referred to as hyponatremia. Thus, moderation is the key, as with all things with regard to good health.