Drink up, you need it!

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Water is the best thing you could ever introduce to your body. It has numerous benefits. These include; keeping your skin looking good and younger, it helps you get rid of toxins from your body and also helps you shed some extra pounds Hate how water tastes? Feels tasteless? Well, these three tips will help you add flavor to the drink while adding none or just little calories that your body will actually thank you for.

  1. Add bubbles or herbs to the water. The taste of sparkling water in your mouth feels like a pleasant beverage. You get the same feel from that of your favorite carbonated drink but with zero calories in return. Adding herbs and flowers boost the scent and aroma and you can actually mistake your glass of water with soda!Ginger and orange combined into your pitcher give you a tangy spicy zinger. Alternate with fresh mint leaves to get a scent that satisfies your taste buds. Lavender adds a floral hit that is filled with vitamin C which is good for relieving joint pain.
  2. Add cucumbers or lemons, or both combinedAdding a few slices of cucumber to your glass will result in a blissful taste. High-end spas will concur Cucumbers are good for the skin. Additionally, they increase libido for both men and women. Adding lemon to your glass not only enhances the flavor, but also combines well with the cucumbers taste.
  3. Eat SaladsMost vegetables have a high percentage of water. Fill your bowl with unlimited amounts of vegetables. Vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, onions, radishes, zucchinis, tomatoes and carrots are a healthier option. They fill you up, supply your body with all the nutrients and fiber it needs. In the process, after downing a good bowl of salad, you get to consume the amount of water that you need. This results in a win-win for you.