Don’t Allow Sleep Deprivation

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As adults, we constantly tell our children that sleep is important to help them grow and to help them develop properly. However many adults do not heed their own advice, and they regularly get less sleep than they should, as this can be problematic or downright dangerous health. To sum up this, here is a ticket to shut-eye by discussing the ways sleep deprivation affects your life without you being aware of it.

Weight changes

Weight changes on sleep-deprived persons. People who get less than six hours of sleep a day have a tendency to gain more weight than those people who get a full nights rest. This is due to the fact that the amount and the quality of sleep that the person may get ultimately affect their hormones (leptin and the ghrelin) levels in adverse ways. Leptin affects the person’s feeling of fullness and satisfaction after every meal while ghrelin stimulates the appetite. When the person suffers from sleep deprivation, the level of leptin falls and the ghrelin levels rise leading to weight gain.

Accident Pron

Those who have had less sleep are more likely to suffer from accidents. This can range from small accidents such as tripping, right through to major accidents, such as road traffic accidents or problems which occur whilst using heavy machinery. These accidents not only put you at risk, but they also put other people around you at risk as well.

Stretchiness skin

It may surprise you to learn that chronic sleep deprivation can lead to a decrease in the stretchiness of the skin, leading to wrinkles. A recently conducted study found that the rising aging signs in the face were caused by lack of enough sleep. A change in skin pigmentation can also occur.

Cognitive function

Sleep deprivation can affect an individual at work whether they are office staff or use machinery on a shop-floor. Not getting enough sleep makes you not concentrate at work, visualize things and situations and memory lapses. For a better and cool life, get more and enough sleep.

Libido decrease

A tired person can under-perform in bed leaving the relationship in danger. Sleep apnea (nighttime breathing disorder) can also tamper with men’s ability to sex (testosterone levels). Get enough sleep to guard all your physical, emotional and also psychological experiences needed by your family!

Diabetes Surprised?

Lack of enough sleep can also be a developing factor for diabetes. That is why adequate sleep is as vital as a healthy diet and exercise for diabetes people and a good way that can help regulate blood glucose is having enough sleep.

Manage temperament

Crankiness goes hand in hand with lack of enough sleep and a person will always be cranky at work or even around the homestead. Our bodies require eight hours of rest for every night and make us pay for it in the event that we don’t get it and, others pay for it when they need to manage their temperament.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea and narcolepsy which are some of the serious sleep disorders tampers with your body greatly; your day-to-day living activities can also be affected and greatly limit the ability to live an enjoyable and normal life making it a life-threatening situation if not corrected in time.


Logically depression and sleep are intertwined. A person can lack sleep due to depression or be depressed because he can’t sleep or the other way round: when you are depressed, you just want to slumber. When a person is affected by depression, he \ she is aversive to everything, having negative thoughts and feelings of loneliness, sadness and hopelessness impacts sleep deprivation.

Heart health

A healthier heart needs adequate rest. Being the head of all what happens in your body. The heart always keeps everything on track even correlation between heart-related activities like stroke, hypertension, arteries hardening, and sleep problems.