Change From Anyone, Anywhere

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A colleague of ours recently had a very interesting story to tell. It was about a boss that he once had The company he had been working in wasn’t doing that well at the time and needed a change that had to be felt throughout the whole company. The new boss was brought in with hopes of getting the company back on its feet. But there were a lot of people who did not appreciate the changes that the new boss was trying to make, which is totally normal.

Change can hurt as much as it helps. This is because with change can force people out of their comfort zones, and can really drain a person. But a lot of times, change is necessary to be better, and this company desperately needed to be better, otherwise, a lot of people would be out of the job. So the boss, to boost morale and help the employees embrace the change, gathered everyone together for a meeting and told them all a story.

The boss said that he grew up in a very stable home. So stable that the furniture, wall colors, and curtains in the living room had stayed the same for his entire childhood, up until he went to college. One September, the boss left for college, and returned 10 weeks later for Thanksgiving and was greeted with an entirely new living room. New couches, new curtains, new walls, new everything. And he hated it.

The living room that he knew and loved his entire life was now something completely different, and he did not appreciate the change. The boss went to his mother to express his anger at the changes, telling her that things were perfect, and he loved it the way it was and there was no need for change. But the boss’ mother was wise. She told him that everything changes, and it can be uncontrollable, regardless of feelings, but the most important thing to remember is that you have the power to change things as well.

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, and a lot of times that rut feels comfortable and safe. But while it may feel comfortable and safe, that doesn’t always mean that it’s a good life, or a healthy life, or the best life you can live.