Bouncing Back From A Weight Loss Plateau

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You have been losing weight gradually. The dieting and exercise regimes are working perfectly as the days and weeks go by You feel good about yourself. You are on a steady course. Until, suddenly, you are not losing weight anymore.

This situation is a common experience called a weight loss plateau. Why does this happen? The more you lose weight, the more your body gets used to the. Kato diet or whatever diet or exercise. Your metabolism slows when the amount of calories you consume is equal to the ones you are burning.


There are a few solutions to bouncing back after hitting a weight loss plateau:

  1. Change your whole routine. It takes 23 days to develop a habit. You can even change your trainer or gym, create new goals, have a different mantra or mindset. Find a new routine that challenges you.
  2. Get adequate sunlight exposure. Daily 15 to 30 minutes exposure to the morning sun (around 10 am) on the face and arms is enough. The sun makes fat cells to shrink! Besides that, the sun boosts serotonin levels. Serotonin is the “calmness and wellness hormone:. It will help you avoid stress and be more objective.
  3. Change what you eat. You are what you eat. For example, substitute meat (pork chops) with legumes (peas). Limit eating out at restaurants. People allow themselves to “cheat” on their diets in restaurants without even knowing it.
  4. One cheat day per week keeps the weight loss plateau away. That’s right; a cheat day helps people lose weight better. The day after a cheat day, you work harder and adhere to the diet strictly. It works like a day off at work.
  5. Drink lots of water and have a positive attitude.