Benefit of fresh tomato

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Don’t miss out in the benefit of fresh tomato this summer


The summer is here with its pleasures. Guess what one of the pleasures of this season is? It is the fresh tomato. This is the season it is best enjoyed.


A fresh tomato is a locally grown one that is newly plucked and that is still warm from the sun’s direct light. It may be one that you got from the local produce section in your supermarket or one you got from the farmer’s market. It may also be one you plucked from those you planted in the vine in your backyard or in a planter on your balcony. Whatever the case, the taste of the fresh tomato is incomparable to anything.

Although, we appreciate the work of our hot house farmers. They have been able to preserve summer tomatoes all through the winter for us.

So, don’t miss out in the pleasure of the fresh tomato this summer Just walk into any farmers market nearby this weekend, or a local grocery and get your own fresh local tomato. Just get one, whether completely ripped one or otherwise. For the ones that are yet to ripe completely, just preserve them inside a brown paper bag and leave it as it ripens.

After then, take the benefit from the tomato by making it into a superb delicacy. Wash the tomato and slice it into pieces, but do remember to remove the end pieces if you don’t like them.

Put the sliced tomato into a big plate and arrange it, then sprinkle some balsamic vinegar on it and leave it until it soaks into the tomato, then some olive oil and fresh black pepper. When this is done, then add some few fresh leaves of basil to the sliced tomatoes and the delicacy is ready.

We would have loved to list all the benefits of the delicacy you just prepared, but we know that the pleasure that awaits you would not allow you to read them.