Avoid Excuses

By |2018-12-02T04:05:21-04:00December 2nd, 2018|Diet & Nutrition, Weight loss|

It is just one day after a holiday. Most of us are getting back to our daily routines. As part of our refocusing this week, we are going to ask two questions today: why you overeat and what makes you shift from your on-the program eating. To many of us, these questions may seem simple to answer Honestly, they are not. By answering the two questions, you could comfortably remain on-track as you struggle with your weight loss program. In our today’s Nutrisystem program, we are going to help you answer these and several other questions that seem difficult to answer. We have also provided you with some of the excuses that you could have for overeating or abandoning your food program.

Such excuses include the following:

I felt weak, so it was very crucial for me to take something to boost my energy. Unfortunately, a candy chocolate bar was the only thing could find around.

My dad brought some cakes and chocolates home to share with me. I could certainly not resist such a happy family moment.

My friend invited me to a dinner party. I could not fail to enjoy the delicious meals prepared, so I had to eat some pizzas and cakes.

I had a very tough craving for garlic bread, ice cream, and chocolate bars. It was too hard to resist eating them.

It would be wise think about the above statements. Are they real reasons or just excuses? There is a major difference. Reasons are based on factual statements while excuses are the falsehoods we give. How do you know whether what you are giving yourself are reasons or excuses? The faster you can differentiate them, the better. If you realize that your excuses are not true, you have a good chance to change them.